Hack #2

After my grandma passed away, my family went through her old things to see what we wanted to keep. Among the things my family chose were these two old radios. As I was looking at them today, they reminded me of what Dr. Blum said about “conspicuous consumption” and how the American economy is driven by the words “more, more, more.” These radios come from the time when these two concepts reached their peak: the 1950’s. New, mass-produced home appliances were designed to be bright and flashy in order to represent the wealth and affluence of their owners. The radios also represent the concept of “more, more, more,” as there are two of them. Not to mention they weren’t the only ones my family found in the house. This is prefectly representative of the time in which they were made as people were encouraged to buy as much as they could. The solution to every problem is to buy more. My grandparents certainly bought into this concept, as we found at least 6 radios like this in their house, among a myriad of other things.


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