Hack #1

When I was reading Chapter 23 of HIST that was about World War 2, it reminded me a lot of my grandmother. She was born in the Manzanar internment camp when all the Japanese people were sent to different camps. My family and I have visited the camp site, which is now a museum, multiple times, most recently this past summer. It was especially interesting when we went that time because it happened to be on her birthday that we visited her birthplace. This hacking assignment inspired me to talk more with her about that experience. She shared a lot with me about it but something that stuck with me was that following the liberation of the camp, they all received a letter from President Bush that apologized and offered a sum of money. This gesture was appreciated, but the sum of money did not compare to what the families had prior to being ripped away from their homes and jobs. The first image is of the wall that has all of the residents of the camp’s names on it, of which we took a picture of my families names. The second picture is the sign of the camp. IMG_5180 IMG_5142

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