20th Century America: The Beginning of Modern America

The 20th Century was the birth of modern America: Electrification, highways, agriculture, and War. Electricity changed the American workplace forever, employees could now work longer hours due to the soft yellow glow of light-bulbs. The times of quite evenings vanished and a flourishing night-life of leisure and relaxation took place. An influx of (more) affordable cars/trucks spurred the need for public highways and government infrastructure. Commercial agriculture exploded onto the scene, changing the way Americans fed themselves. World War I and World War II proved to the world the growing might of America.

The 20th century was a time of explosive change and growth. Twenty-first century America has slowed down considerably, life has become too complex and cumbersome. What if we brought back the attitude of the 20th century, that innovative drive and passion? (Leave out the sexist, racist, and other negative-ists)

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